Children of Fast Track Parents

Children of Fast Track Parents: the documentary

What do we know about the impact of a parent's lifestyle and success upon a child's emerging character and personality? This 60-minute PBS documentary, titled "Children of Fast Track Parents: the Documentary," covers the findings of this research project and suggestions for parents.

Nominated for a regional Emmy, it takes you on a lively journey through the world of accomplished and affluent parents, their advisers, and the children they are raising. It identifies the issues and shows how they meet the challenges.

It can be purchased directly from by clicking on their "Movies & TV" section. , or by contacting Brooks at: andreebrooks@​

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A 247-page book in print and e-book format that provides the reader with the latest research into the issues that affect the behavior and development of children of accomplished and affluent parents. It forms the basis for all our other products. Available from
A 60-minute, Emmy nominated PBS documentary covering the findings of this research project and suggestions for parents. Available from
Parent workbooks filled with important yet fun exercises. They can be used to conduct workshops that help them discuss emotional issues in a non-threatening way. Available directly from us:
Workbooks for teachers to use for in-house discussions and training; designed to help them articulate and cope with many sensitive issues connected with students and parents. Available directly from us:

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